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Shasta Astronomy

To the Shasta Astronomy Club/Network

Join the Shasta Astronomy Club for an evening of observation. We use Telescopes, Binoculars and the unaided eye. These events are held at the Shasta Mines loop trail-head parking lot at Whiskeytown Lake. Events are free and open to the public. Join us at dusk for informal stargazing. Viewing will continue until approximately 12:00 pm See dates below. Weather permitting.




Below are some interesting astronomy articles from the last few months.

Dark matter apparently not needed for galaxy formation



A Green Visitor Makes It's Approach: A new comet (Lulin) can be seen for the next few days. It will be at about mag 5. Look in the southeast at about 3-4 AM and look for a green object. It will be very close to Earth and so will move about 5 degrees/day. Use binocs for the best result but remember it will be hard to see a green object. Monday and Tuesday will be the closest approach. But try it on any clear morning. If you get a picture, send it to me and I'll send it out to the club.



Colossal Black Holes Common in the Early Universe. They were probably around before some of the larger galaxies formed and became the engines for those galaxies. Even today it's still true after 14 billion years.


New Fermi Space Telescope Discovers Gamma Ray Spewing Pulsar. We wouldn't want to be within 2 or 3 hundred lightyears of this thing.



Search for Antimatter in the Universe may Prove More Difficult. Sure, much of it would be gone by now atter this long a time: 14 billion years.



16-Year Long Study Tracks Stars Orbiting the Milky Way Black Hole



Billions of Particles of Anti-Matter Created at Lawrence Livermore Labs. There goes the Bay Area. Bye, Bye.






The Evolution of Darwin's Theory: It may be a theory, but it's the way nature works. It's also a theory that the Earth orbits the Sun and also rotates once every day or so. That's also the way nature works.



See you soon, clear skies, Bob

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