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 Tips and techniques



Tips and techniques Click on the links to learn more about photography!


A simple way to improve your photography with better color, contrast and sharpness, is to use a lens shade. It is the same concept as wearing a hat in the bright sun to protect your eyes!


Take Great Pictures - Photo Tips & Techniques



Shasta Photo Club is a club of photographers that enjoy learning from each other and other resources...




Nor-Cal Think Pink is a community effort to promote breast cancer awareness. Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer - when caught and treated early, breast cancer has a 97% cure rate. It is our hope that through advocacy and outreach education with our surrounding Northern California communities (Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc, Tehama, and Trinity), women will recognize the importance of annual mammograms, monthly breast self exams, and other early detection tools. We invite you to join us in our mission by supporting Think Pink and helping to spread the word about the importance of early detection.


"Odd" Photos by Russ Burden


With all the numbers associated with photography (f stops, shutter speeds, focal length, ISO, etc.), one group that's often overlooked is the number of subjects in an image.

Abstracts by Russ Burden


TakeGreatPictures.com contributor Russ Burden offers tips on how to take abstract images.

People Photography: Part 1 of 3 by Russ Burden


The reason most consumers purchase a camera is to photograph people. Keep these tips from Russ Burden in mind the next time you're taking pictures of others as your subjects.

People Photography: Part 2 of 3 by Russ Burden


In the second installment of his three-part series on photographing people, Russ Burden offers tips about using black and white, capturing the casual look, and telling a story.

Simplify with a Zoom by Russ Burden


Keep it simple with these tips from Russ Burden about utilizing a zoom lens with your camera

Simply Squat by Russ Burden


Russ Burden provides a simple tip that you might not ordinarily think of to dramatically improve your composition.

The Graceful S Curve by Russ Burden


All kinds of lines impact the composition of images. One of the most dynamic options is the classic and graceful S-Curve.

Tip of the Day: Toss Your Camera


No, not in the garbage - in the air.

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